HelloFresh is the leading global meal kit provider, providing over 100 million meals to over 4 million households. Operating in 14 countries (and 3 continents within that), they continue to expand and grow, reinforcing their role as a leader and disrupter in the food tech industry.


  • They had identified:
    • A need to optimize the customer experience and improve supplier relationships.
    • Opportunities to improve supplier quality processes, standard operating procedures (SOPs) and corrective actions for nonconformances.
  • The company was using a costly supplier management tool which didn’t provide visibility to the internal Supplier Quality Management processes, nor had audit functionality.

Intelex Solution

  • Inspection Management: Users (food safety, warehouse, quality and production employees) were able to effectively perform Supplier and Food Safety Audits as well as have daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly checks to meet Safe Quality Food certification requirements.
  • Corrective Action Reporting and Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCARs): Quality and food safety teams were able to drive efficiency and accuracy when completing SCARs.
  • Document Control: It is used as a centralized repository for SOPs and a go-to source for employees to get access to training.


  • They reduced supplier costs by 70% (from $1,000 per year per supplier to $300 per year – which is amplified when you factor in 600+ suppliers).
  • By incorporating Intelex software as a part of their post-pandemic business continuity plan, they were able to enhance their supply chain management system.
  • Managers in key departments successfully increased employee engagement by championing task manager and transitioning SOPs to Intelex software.
  • They continue to minimize food waste throughout the supply chain through use of data analytics.