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Food and Beverage

Nestle Prepared Foods

Nestlé USA is a part of Nestlé S.A. in Vevey, Switzerland – the world’s largest food company with a focus on Nutrition, Health & Wellness. Nestlé USA employs nearly 22,000 nationwide and has 26 manufacturing facilities, 22 distribution centers, and 15 sales offices across the country. Nestlé USA is using Intelex products at multiple locations throughout the USA including Intelex’s Quality Management System; Training and Communications Management Suite; Document Control and Training Management Modules; Standard OSHA Incidents; Nonconformances; and iForms® System.

H.J. Heinz Company

Heinz is the most global U.S.-based food company, with a world-class portfolio of powerful brands holding number-one and number-two market positions in more than 50 countries. H.J Heinz is utilizing Intelex's iForms system to manage their quality metrics.

Bimbo Bakeries USA

Thanks in great part to its focus on providing the best quality, freshest baked goods at a great value to customers and consumers, Bimbo Bakeries USA is the nation’s largest baking company. Today, BBU operates more than 65 bakeries, employs more than 25,000 associates and distributes products through 12,000 sales routes throughout the United States. Bimbo Bakeries uses Intelex for Standard Safety Incidents and its Data Set Builder system.


BMMI specialises in the distribution, wholesale and retailing of food and beverages, and represents a leading portfolio of global household name brands in the GCC. The Group is also a growing international player in the provision of contract-based supply services for governments, NGOs, commercial and military organizations. BMMI uses Intelex's Audits with Checklists and Standard Nonconformances, Corrective / Preventive Actions applications.

California Pizza Kitchen, Inc.

Beverly Hills in 1985, former federal prosecutors Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax combined their passion for food with fresh high-quality ingredients to create innovative, hearth-baked pizzas such as The Original BBQ Chicken, Thai Chicken, and Jamaican Jerk Chicken, cooked in an open kitchen. The restaurant gave California a place in the pizza pantheon alongside Chicago and New York. Its California twist on global flavors resonated with guests, and almost immediately, CPK became a bustling spot for business and family gatherings. CPK uses Intelex for Training Management.

Campbell Soup Company

Campbell Soup Company is a global manufacturer and marketer of high-quality foods and simple meals, including soups and sauces, baked snacks, and healthy beverages. The company's products are sold in more than 120 countries. Campbell Soup’s North America Soup, Sauces and Beverages business includes more than 20 brands, nearly 7,000 employees, and 11 production facilities in the United States and Canada. Campbell Soup Company is utilizing Intelex's Environmental Management System, Refrigerant and Water Management, Checklist Builder, and iForms® System.

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Casella Wines

Based in the Riverina and operating as a winery since 1969, Casella Wines has achieved remarkable success in the export market and is a key player in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and the UK. [yellow tail] has been just as successful on home turf. Casella Wines is using Intelex’s Integrated Management System and the iForms System.


Cermaq is one of the largest fish farming companies in the world, employing 4,200 workers worldwide and producing nearly 158,000 tons of salmon and trout each year through its locations in Norway, Canada and Chile with an operating revenue of US$1.16 billion. The company also undertakes significant research and development activities, maintaining a dedicated fish health team and research facilities in Norway and Chile. A strong focus on sustainability drives Cermaq’s operations, with a commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainability Goals of ensuring a lasting solution to the world’s food needs.

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ED & F Man Holdings

ED & F Man is one of the leading providers of sugar, molasses, animal feed, tropical oils, biofuels, coffee and financial services. We provide a comprehensive range of supply chain services in our chosen commodities from production, sourcing, storage, delivery to risk management. ED&F Man uses Intelex's Standard Safety Incidents and Standard Nonconformances applications.

Garden Fresh

Once upon a time, there was a little restaurant in Ferndale, Michigan that started making fresh, all natural salsa so outrageously good people couldn't stop eating it. The Garden Fresh brand came to be when the head of an upscale grocery chain tried some and started to package it for his stores. Today, Garden Fresh makes America's #1 refrigerated salsa, tortilla chip, and a line of hummus and other dips. Garden Fresh is using Intelex's Training Management solution.

Hello Fresh

HelloFresh is a weekly recipe kit delivery service. You choose three delicious recipes each week and we deliver them straight to your door!

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Ingredion Inc.

Headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Westchester, Illinois, Ingredion Inc. is a leading supplier of starches, sweeteners and other ingredients. It is the world’s largest producer of dextrose and a leading regional manufacturer of starches, syrups, and glucose. The company provides a wide variety of ingredients to customers in more than 60 industries, including the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, animal feed, corrugating, paper, and textile sectors. Ingredion is utilizing Intelex’s Integrated Management System, EHS Master Incidents Module, and iForms® Builder.

Kikkoman Foods

Since 1957, Kikkoman Foods has expanded from its corporate headquarters in San Francisco, California, to six regional sales offices. Their production facilities, Kikkoman Foods, Inc., in Walworth, Wisconsin, and Folsom, California, produce soy sauce and other convenient Asian-style sauces for distribution in the United States and Canada. Kikkoman Foods utilizes Intelex's Environmental Management System.

Merisant US, Inc

Merisant is a global corporation that manufactures and markets a variety of tabletop sweetener products with sales in more than 100 countries worldwide. Merisant has replaced their existing auditing system with Intelex's Document Control and Audits Management Systems.


Mission Foods/GRUMA S.A. is the world's largest producer of Maseca corn flour and tortilla products, with production facilities across the Americas, the UK, Holland, Italy and Asia. Its operations and sales extend to the US, Canada, throughout Central America (through Gruma Centro America), and into England, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. With the backing of Gruma's global technology and resources, Mission Foods has grown to become the largest producer of tortilla products in the US. Mission Foods uses the Intelex Quality Management System and iForms Builder.

Morgan Foods Inc

As one of America's most sought-after business partners in the private-label food industry, Morgan Foods offers retailers everything they need to win customers and keep them coming back. With a tradition in innovation spanning more than 100 years, they’ve learned that the only way to build their brand is by strengthening their clients’. Morgan Foods uses the Intelex Business Performance Management System as well as the iForms Builder System.

Mother Parkers Tea & Coffee

Established in 1912, Mother Parkers has grown into one of the largest private label coffee and tea manufacturers in North America. Firmly rooted in tradition, family-owned Mother Parkers skillfully combines technology and new product innovation with its values of integrity, trust and honesty. Mother Parkers is utilizing Intelex's Audits Management, Document Control, and Quality Nonconformances applications.

Mountaire Farms

Mountaire Farms is a fast growing agricultural food processing company with more than 6,000 employees at our facilities in Delaware, Maryland and North Carolina. With their commitment to quality, service, and value, we are well positioned to serve customers locally, nationally and worldwide. Mountaire is using Intelex's Permits Management application.

Nestle Foodservices

Nestlé Food Services has been operating in Canada since 1918. Nestlé Canada employs approximately 3,500 people in 21 manufacturing, sales and distribution sites across the country. Nestlé Canada is utilizing Intelex’s Business Performance Management System.

Nestle Infant Nutrition Gerber Products Company (Fort Smith)

Together, Nestlé & Gerber have made an unwavering commitment to a healthier generation, one baby at a time. It’s their pledge to support the healthy growth and development of babies around the world. Nestlé Infant Nutrition Gerber Products Company in Fort Smith, USA is utilizing Intelex’s Document Control Module.

Nestle Nutrition

Through science-based nutrition products and services, Nestlé Nutrition helps enhance the quality of people’s lives by supporting health and providing care for consumers with special needs at every stage of life. With a presence in more than 100 countries and with more than 20,000 employees, Nestlé Nutrition operates in four key business areas: Healcare Nutrition, Infant Nutrition, Performance Nutrition and Weight Management. Nestlé Nutrition is using Intelex’s Training Management Module.

Oak State Products

Privately-held and centrally based in Wenona, IL, Oak State has been consistently producing quality baked goods for the bakery industry since it opened its doors in 1956. Oak State’s modern bakery encompasses 200,000 square ft. of state-of-the-art equipment. Clean and well-maintained, the bakery has the capability of producing up to 80,000,000 lbs annually and the flexibility to add new lines of productions quickly. Oak State is utilizing Intelex’s Quality Management System.

Ocean Mist Farms

Since 1924, Ocean Mist Farms has provided multiple generations of customers with the freshest Artichokes and vegetables, and is still family owned. Called the California Artichoke & Vegetable Growers Corporation until 1995, Ocean Mist Farms is headquartered in Castroville, California — “The Artichoke Capitol of the World” and home of the annual Castroville Artichoke Festival.

Oregon Freeze Dry

Oregon Freeze Dry's world headquarters is located in Albany, Oregon, and employs over 300 people. There are three manufacturing facilities on a 35-acre industrial site. Oregon Freeze Dry operates under USDA (meat and poultry), APHIS, FDA (drug and medical device), and/or EPA regulations, according to product. Kosher and Halal certifications are also available. Today Oregon Freeze Dry is the world's largest custom processor of freeze dried products. The company has over 20 million kilograms of drying capacity at its three Oregon plants, representing about 70% of North American Capacity. Oregon Freeze Dry is Intelex’s Safety Management System and iForms System.

PBM Nutritionals, LLC

PBM Nutritionals is the only ISO 9001:2000-certified, infant formula-manufacturing facility in the United States. Located in Georgia, Vermont, PBM Nutritionals is the only domestic manufacturer in the infant formula category that adheres to both U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines and a stringent set of quality-assurance regulations set by the International Organization for Standardization. PBM utilizes Intelex's Training Management System.

Ruiz Foods

Ruiz Foods is home of El Monterey frozen Mexican food. The Ruiz family of employees is now over 2,500 in three facilities, all dedicated to making sure Ruiz Foods continues to deliver on its legacy to provide quality, affordable, and delicious foods. Ruiz Foods uses Intelex's Document Control application.

Sugar Creek Packing Co.

For nearly half a century, our goal at SugarCreek has remained unchanged; to provide our customers with reliable, consistent and topmost quality products. But the ways that we pursue that goal – innovative processing, cooking, packaging and food safety systems – have continually evolved to reflect the needs of an ever-more-sophisticated food industry.

Temple Bottling Company, Ltd.

Temple Bottling Company (TBC), established in 1924 in Temple, Texas, is a family-owned, independent soft drink bottler and distributor, doing direct store delivery in Bell, Brazos, Burleson, Coryell, Falls, Grimes, and Milam Counties. In addition to franchised products, TBC produces and distributes private labels, including its own Spicewood line of purified water, lemonade, and assorted flavors. Temple Bottling Company is using Intelex’s Document Control System.

TIC Gums, Inc.

For over 100 years, TIC Gums has been helping its customers create product success stories. No matter the industry, TIC Gums' team of food scientists, known as the Gum Gurus®, is accessible to its customers and knowledgeable about addressing specific texture and stability needs. TIC Gums is utilizing Intelex's Business Performance Management System.

Tree Top

Tree Top's Corporate Headquarters are located in Selah, WA, in the heart of Washington’s apple country. Tree Top, Inc., is a wholesome co-op made up of more than 1,100 grower owners throughout Washington, Oregon and California. Tree Top is the leader in the fruit processing industry. With a wholly-owned subsidiary, Northwest Naturals, and multiple production facilities, Tree Top is capable of producing the widest range of quality, processed fruit products possible. Tree Top uses Intelex's Integrated Management System.

US Sugar Corporation

United States Sugar Corporation utilizes Intelex's Integrated Management System, OSHA Incident Reporting System, and iForm module in their daily operations. US Sugar is one of America’s premier, privately held agribusiness companies. With state-of-the-art technology for both sugar refining and citrus processing, U.S. Sugar practices the most efficient and progressive farming techniques available in the world.

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