St. Albert, Alberta is a picturesque and active city of over 60,000 residents. Located just north of Edmonton, St. Albert is known for its outstanding sports and cultural amenities, including the Red Willow Park and trail system, the world-renowned Arden Theatre, Riel Recreation Park, and Servus Credit Union Place, the largest multipurpose recreation facility in western Canada. The city also has a reputation for hosting outstanding events, such as the Northern Alberta International Children’s Festival, the 2009 Alberta Special Olympics Summer Games, and the 2011 Alberta 55 Plus Winter Games. The City’s Office of the Environment is utilizing Intelex’s Environmental Management System.


  • Create a centralized web-based system which provides tracking and access to documentation across multiple municipal departments that were heavily reliant on paper-based processes.
  • Minimize rate of nonconformances and overall audit findings in order to achieve ISO 14001 certification.
  • Small organization that needs an out-of-the-box solution that won’t deplete internal resources as a result of costly customizations and a lengthy implementation period.

Intelex Solution

Environmental Management System
Intelex’s Environmental Management System consists of a flexible set of software applications to effectively manage your organization’s environmental data and processes.


  • Achieved ISO 14001 certification less than two years after implementation.
  • 80% reduction in nonconformances involving Public Works and Transit departments.
  • 78% reduction of internal resources used to complete Transit department’s compliance, internal and external audits.
  • 61% reduction in internal resources required to complete Public Works department’s audits.
  • Annual audit cost savings of roughly $14,000 in internal resources between the two departments.
  • Enhanced visibility into departmental nonconformances that created opportunities for proactive measures.


The City of St. Albert needed to streamline its internal processes, starting with the Transit and Public Works departments, by moving away from a paper and spreadsheet based tracking system to a centrally housed comprehensive tracking and reporting system. A key driver for standardizing its environmental management approach came from the city’s overarching strategy to meet and exceed the highest set of standards possible, including obtaining ISO 14001 certification.


An Intelex Project Manager and Consultant worked closely with the City of Albert’s Environmental Coordinator to plan and schedule the implementation. Through a series of consulting sessions, the key needs and internal processes were identified and reflected in the systems configuration. At the onset of the project a desired timeline was outlined for a fully operating live system, and courtesy of a dedicated team all deadlines and targets were met for a successful, prompt, roll-out of the system.

Efficiency Gains

  • Achieved ISO 14001 certification less than two years after implementation.
  • Central tracking and real-time reporting increased visibility into issues and nonconformances, providing insights into areas to apply training resources and proactive measures.
  • Reached an 80% reduction in nonconformances from their Public Works and Transit departments.
  • During their internal and external compliance audits, they realized a 78% reduction in the Transit department’s dedicated employee hours and 61% in the Public Works department.
  • Reduction in employee resources for annual audits resulted in a cost savings of roughly $14,000.

Jeff Yanew,
Environmental Coordinator | City Manager's Office

"The truth is in the numbers. After implementing the Intelex system we've seen reductions in nonconformances and audit costs, and achieved ISO 14001 certification in less than two years. The future is definitely bright as we continue to roll out additional applications. "