Altalink is Canada's only fully independent transmission company. They are responsible for the maintenance and operation of approximately 11,600 kilometres of transmission lines and 260 substations in Alberta. AltaLink utilizes the Intelex Quality Management to maintain their ISO 9001:2000. AltaLink installed the Intelex system in the fourth quarter of 2003.


  • Wanted to effectively track nonconformances and to ensure all nonconformances/corrective actions were adequately managed.
  • Needed to track and measure key performance indicators to evaluate the success of various organizational efforts.
  • Wanted to implement a system that would allow for complete control over creation and distribution of documents.
  • Required a system to adequately document and report organizational functions to comply with Governmental legislation (Bill 198).
  • Required a flexible solution that would adapt to support future growth and development of the organization.

Intelex Solution

  • Special focus on Document Control, Training Management, Audits Management, Nonconformance Reporting, Corrective & Preventive Actions and Communications Tracking
  • Implemented Intelex’s Business Performance Management system.
  • Implemented Document Control (loading approximately 2,000 documents to date)
  • Effective on-site “train-the-trainers” training by Intelex staff enables rapid deployment and usage of the solution.
  • Extensive ongoing support including knowledgeable and responsive client services staff, free online refresher training courses, and online resource library provides all users with the necessary skills to support and maintainorganizational goals.


  • Achieved the desired level of efficiency regarding nonconformances and corrective actions tracking, managing and reporting.
  • Intelex’s dashboards and configurable reports ensure that key performance indicators are effectively tracked and communicated through unique user views.
  • All necessary documentation is centrally maintained and retrievable by staff, ensuring each user has the most current documents available.
  • Effective monitoring and documenting of organizational actions facilitates compliance with governmental legislation (Bill 198).