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support your work / life balance!



We'll take care of your GoodLife gym membership on top of a $500 fitness allowance.
Yoga, personal training, Cross Fit, swimming – you name it!


Healthcare and Dental

When you work hard and play hard, it’s important to stay healthy. A healthcare spending account allows you to choose when, where and how you use your allowance.


Maternity Leave Top Up

You'll get 100% top up for 6 weeks to support your growing family!


Vision Meeting

Employees attend our semi-annual Vision Meetings which are focused on setting the strategic direction of the company for the year and updates on how we’re performing against our objectives.



You work hard, take a break! You'll start with 3 weeks vacation in your first year!


Volunteer Days

We take our role in the world pretty seriously, so we’ll give you 2 volunteer days to give back.



We'll subsidize your parking if you carpool with another Intelexian. We also have enclosed and secured bike racks.


Breakfast Thursdays

Every Thursday morning we’ve got breakfast covered. From hot breakfast sandwiches, to bagels and muffins. And if you want something on the lighter side, we've got as much fruit as a small grocery store!


Intelex Clubs

Join or start an Intelex club so you can pursue your passions! Bake, run, take pictures...there are plenty of different clubs to choose from.


RRSP Matching

We think it’s important to look ahead, so we’ll match your RRSP contributions.


Rooftop Patio

We have a great (and rare) outdoor space in the city complete with a garden and perfect for our summer patio parties.


Happy Birthday To You!

Birthdays are a time to celebrate – take the day off!



Keeping you in the loop is one of our top priorities. We make sure you get face time with our Executive Team and updates on how we’re progressing towards our strategic focuses for the year.


Junior Intelexian Scholarship

We want to invest in the next generation of Intelexians, so we started a scholarship program to support their dreams.


Adoption Assistance

We want to support you in growing your family.


Personal Development

We invest in your professional development. Starting at $500 after your first year.


Coffee and Tea

We'll keep you fuelled all day long (we even have dark roast!).



Birthdays, babies, marriages, Intelex anniversaries – we celebrate them all!


Long Weekends

Get a head start to the cottage or whatever your plans are with a half day before the long weekend.


Table Games

Pool, ping pong, foosball – we've got you covered. We even have a popcorn maker in case you need a light snack!

Intelex Sponsored Clubs & Teams

Our sponsored clubs help you to pursue your personal passions and share them with your fellow employees!

We have a club for an incredible number of interests and hobbies. They are a perfect way to get to know other intelexians, connect, and stay healthy.

Yoga & Fitness Club

Yoga & Fitness Club

The Intelex Yoga & Fitness Training Club provides and supports healthy living activities and principles. We promote regular fitness and stress management practices, focusing on yoga classes and beginner-level boot camp-style fitness.

Photo Club

Photo Club

Intelex’s Photo Club provides a fun learning environment where photo enthusiasts can share tips & tricks, discuss trends, share their photo stories and take field trips together. Visit our Flickr gallery to see what we've been up to.

Ping Pong Club

Ping Pong Club

The Intelex Ping Pong Club allows people to get together to play ping pong and have fun! Members can practice their ping pong skills with volunteer trainers and put their skills to the test during internal competitions.

Tennis Club

Tennis Club

The Intelex Tennis Training Club provides its members with resources and activities that will help them learn and practice their tennis skills. The future aim is to gain access to a tennis club, where indoor courts and court bookings are available.

Soccer Club

Soccer Club

The Intelex Soccer Club provides an outlet for all Intelexians who enjoy the game of soccer regardless of their skill level or previous experience. Members get together and practice, scrimmage and promote league-play throughout the summer and winter seasons.

Le Club France

Le Club France

Intelex’s Le Club France encourages its members to appreciate French culture! Indulge in French treats like croissants and pains au chocolate while learning about French culture and history. There are also opportunities to speak, practice or learn French.

Video Games Club

Video Games Club

Intelex’s Video Games Club allows gaming enthusiasts of all skill levels to share their love for video games with others who have the same passion. Members participate in gaming tournaments and monthly meetings to discuss video games and gaming news.

Run For The Cure

Run For The Cure

The intent of the club is to gradually increase the amount of running time per session each week, so that after 10 weeks the participants will be able to successfully complete the CIBC Run for the Cure 5K on October 5th using the run 10 minutes/walk 1 minute approach.

Movie Junkies

Movie Junkies

The main purpose of the club is to engage Intelexians and provide a fun time where people can watch and then share their thoughts on newest movies.

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

The Intelex Health & Wellness group will focus on finding and practicing new and healthy ways of living with a focus on weight loss and exercise.

Board Games Club

Board Games Club

Do you love playing Board Games? This is the place where you can come and play with your fellow intelexians! The Intelex Board Game club is dedicated to feed your love of everything board games!

The Free Spirits

The Free Spirits

The Free Spirits club is designed to have members explore different spirits from different areas of the world.

Candy Crushers

Candy Crushers

This Club is for all the candy connoisseurs wishing to expand their horizons and explore new and different candy!

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Great Place To Work 2019

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