Intelex Joins Zebra Technologies’ PartnerConnect Program

Press Release Date December 9, 2020

Non-Incendive Hazardous location (HAZLOC) Zebra devices and industry-leading Intelex EHSQ software to enable real-time worker safety and risk management anywhere

Toronto, Ontario – [Dec. 9, 2020] – Intelex Technologies, ULC, a leading global provider of SaaS-based Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality (EHSQ) management software, today announced their participation in Zebra Technologies‘ PartnerConnect program. Intelex focuses on delivering IoT-enabled worker safety, real-time risk mitigation and prevention, and regulatory compliance solutions through workflow-based management systems that turn real-time insights into actions. The relationship with Zebra further extends Intelex’s leadership in working with the broadest ecosystem of Industry 4.0 hardware, software, and regulatory content providers to ease the growing complexities of connected EHSQ for all industries.

Intelex chose Zebra’s PartnerConnect program to access specialized rugged mobile computers that address the demand from customers with front-line workers operating in high-risk environments where flammable gasses, liquids, dust, and other hazardous substances are present. As high-risk environments forbid or restrict the use of consumer-grade smartphones, laptops and tablets, making automation of EHSQ processes to keep workers safe and mitigate risk in real time is a challenge. In industries operating in hazardous environments such as oil and gas, mining, and chemicals, the methods used for conducting required tasks, such as safety inspections, are still largely paper-based as they forbid the use of devices that are not certified for use in these environments. Zebra’s solutions remove this hurdle by enabling safety programs on mission-critical HAZLOC devices to be extended to Non-Incendive Zone 2 environments.

“Organizations are ramping up efforts to prevent incidents and improve operational performance and productivity through data and insights collected from connected workers and devices,” says Kristen Duda, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances at Intelex. “As a member of Zebra’s PartnerConnect program, we can offer a one-stop, mobile-first EHSQ solution for even the highest risk work environments. The integrated value elevates the performance of safety programs without the complexities of connecting assets, workers and software or the need for a data science team to translate data feeds into actionable workflows.”

The relationship with Zebra further extends Intelex’s ability to enable EHSQ professionals to deliver on the promise of connected safety. Besides offering a one-stop shop for both Zebra devices and Intelex software, the combined data sets deliver automated, real-time environmental, health and safety (EHS) insights that can be immediately put into actionable workflows.

Key benefits of the partnership include:

  • Mobile-first EHSQ enablement with Non-Incendive-certified, rugged, enterprise-class Zebra mobile devices that can be used in even the highest risk environments where traditional mobile devices are prohibited
  • Smarter risk modelling that allows data points from Zebra devices to be recorded and leveraged in the Intelex Risk Management application in near real time
  • Automation of actionable EHSQ process workflows that turn connected insights from Zebra devices into actions for instant risk mitigation
  • Advanced analytics capabilities to help identify trends, gaps, hazards, and other critical EHS information to reduce the likelihood of incidents or worker injury
  • Micro-learnings and two-way communication functionality that keeps lone workers, as well as field and front-line workers, connected to their teams and safety programs for always-on safety
  • Application builder tools to easily spin up or enhance existing EHSQ applications that can be used on Zebra devices with zero to low-code built-in capabilities via Intelex AppBuilder
  • Dashboards and reports by site, region, or global views

By participating in the Zebra PartnerConnect program, Intelex gains access to an innovative portfolio of devices, along with comprehensive training, extensive marketing, sales and technical benefits. The Zebra PartnerConnect program is a global network that provides Intelex with access to industry-leading solutions, training and tools that aim to differentiate, offer opportunities for collaboration and help improve customer satisfaction.

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