Intelex CEO Presents Strategy for $1B in Cost Savings Aligned with Fostering Successful Space Missions at NASA’s Supply Chain 2018 conference

Press Release Date November 15, 2018

NASA’s world-class science center uses Intelex software to manage key processes and data in an integrated platform

TORONTO, ON – November 15, 2018 At NASA’s recent Supply Chain 2018 conference, Intelex President and CEO Mark Jaine presented Essential Enterprise Strategies for Health, Safety and Quality to 215 leaders and practitioners from the space industry and related suppliers, universities/research institutions, NASA, other U.S. agencies and foreign space agency partners (ESA, JAXA) in the multidisciplinary conference.

Jaine shared a set of new strategies for health, safety and quality success under the Alliance framework: Process, Foresight, Engagement and Collaboration. The Alliance aims to accelerate productivity gains and move environment, health and safety, quality programs from a cost center to a value driver.

Since January 2013, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has used Intelex software to manage processes and data supporting mission performance, quality management, supply chain management and risk management as part of NASA’s Meta information system.  The system, which currently encompasses twenty-one applications and numerous interactive dashboards, has experienced steady growth with over 2,000 users at present.

“Risk management continues to be infinitely challenging for many organizations we work with globally, but in particular, with NASA. There are billions of data points, scenarios and predicting every eventuality is impossible” said Mark Jaine, Intelex CEO and President. “When people think of our software they likely don’t think of the impact it has on the world, but the impact is constantly evolving for us at Intelex. NASA is just one example of an organization that protects their people and the planet using our software for intricately complex programs and missions.”

Supply Chain 2018, the ninth in the conference series produced by the Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, was held October 23-25 in Greenbelt, Maryland.


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