December 7, 2021

Safety in the Supply Chain: How To Lower Risk and Increase Resilience Among Contractors And Suppliers

Time: 8:00 am EST
Kellie Mundell: Digital editor, IOSH magazine (Host)

Ruth Wilkinson:  Head of Health and Safety, IOSH

Trevor Bronson: Senior Product Marketing Manager, Intelex

Global supply chains have been shaken to their core by the global pandemic. Now more than ever, businesses are realising how important it is to maintain a supply chain that is operational, resilient, flexible and compliant. The same goes for third parties such as contractors – it is imperative to ensure that your preferred vendors can accomplish their work in a safe, efficient and legal manner that keeps your business moving.

Safety professionals have a key role to play to this end – ensuring safety in the supply chain. Whether it’s the mines that deliver raw materials, factories that deliver individual components, or even an on-site HVAC contractor – a safety mishap or non-conformance can lead to costly operational delays, missed quotas, and a frustrated customer base.

Join Ruth Wilkinson, head of health and safety at IOSH, and Trevor Bronson, strategic development manager at Intelex, to hear more about best practices for promoting safety within your supply chain and among your customers. The live session will cover:

  • The business risks created by unsafe third parties
  • Techniques to improve visibility into your supply chains’ and contractors’ safety management and performance
  • How technology can help you reduce risk and increase resiliency

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