April 27, 2021

Common Processes in EHSQ: The View from Health and Safety

Time: 2:00 pm EST

Angelo Cianfrocco, CSP, Process Improvement Leader

While environment, health and safety and quality (EHSQ) are often considered separate practices, their common characteristics have perhaps never been as plainly obvious as they are now. During the COVID-19 pandemic, concerns about health and safety in the workplace, quality management in production and overall awareness of the concept of risk have demonstrated that EHSQ is no longer a collection of related fields but different perspectives of the same fundamental objective, reducing operational risk.

In the webinar Common Processes in EHSQ: The View from Health and Safety, you’ll learn about why finding opportunities for process integration in EHSQ has never been so important. Angelo Cianfrocco, CSP, is a Process Improvement Leader at Predictive Solutions, where he works with companies to implement and manage their EHS systems. Angelo will demonstrate how using technology solutions to integrate common processes and features in EHSQ can not only bring value to your organization but can create both resiliency and opportunities for innovation.

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