ehsAI helps APTIM Build a More Resilient World

When your organization supports some of the most critical infrastructure in North America, it’s important that you know your regulatory compliance responsibilities. APTIM uses ehsAI’s patent-pending artificial intelligence solutions to analyze and summarize regulatory documents and highlight all their compliance responsibilities, which helps to keep complex projects compliant, on time, and on budget.

APTIM is one of North America’s leading consultancy firms, with over 4,000 active projects and 40 offices around the world. Based in Louisiana, APTIM provides engineering, program management, environmental services, disaster recovery, complex facility maintenance, and construction expertise to a diverse range of clients in both the public and the private sectors. Recent projects include the New York city Rapid Repair and Build It Back program after Hurricane Sandy, which repaired 6,400 homes and helped 20,000 families, and the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brooklyn, NY. APTIM also provides support to critical military installations like Fort Irwin and Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay.

With its deep technical expertise in high demand, APTIM needs to navigate multiple regulatory requirements to make sure it keeps critical systems and infrastructure running and maintains operational readiness to respond quickly to time-sensitive events. That means there is no time to waste with labor-intensive manual processes like teams of expensive specialists reading thousands of pages of regulatory documents to make sure their projects are compliant.

ehsAI’s Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution eases the burden of managing regulatory compliance by analyzing compliance documents and producing a structured output that can be read by people or loaded directly into management system software. The result is that APTIM requires less time and fewer resources to understand its compliance obligations, which means projects can progress more quickly and efficiently.

The ehsAI case study ehsAI and APTIM: Providing Extraordinary Solutions While Improving the Bottom Line provides an in-depth look at how APTIM uses ehsAI to cut through the noise of managing regulatory compliance. It covers topics such as the following:

  • How ehsAI provides the support APTIM needs for complex projects.
  • How ehsAI saves time and money for APTIM’s projects.
  • How ehsAI’s groundbreaking technology and APTIM’s deep domain expertise are helping to build a more resilient world.

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