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Safety Management Systems: The Path to Measuring, Increasing and Sustaining Employee Engagement

The webinar “Safety Management Systems: The Path to Measuring, Increasing and Sustaining Employee Engagement” will show you how to measure employee engagement and explains how you can use that engagement to drive continuous improvement for your safety management system.

Speakers Chuck Pettinger, Ph.D., Process Change Leader, Predictive Solutions, and Scott Gaddis, VP and Global Practice Leader, Safety and Health, Intelex Technologies, take a deep dive into how to collect the correct data, analyze it, and synthesize the critical outputs in a way that helps employees visualize the connection between their daily activities and the performance desires of the organization.

The information you capture in your EHS Incident Reporting and Management system empowers you to capture, track, investigate and report on all incidents and near-misses, including injuries and illnesses, spills, property damage and vehicle incidents. Likewise, the data you capture in observation reports and discussions allow you to analyze the results and prioritize corrective actions to ensure job safety if you are collecting the correct data and know how to use it.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Best practices for gaining control of work process systems
  • Models for assessing and determining incident/accident causation
  • The system approaches to building process robustness.


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