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Preparing for the Three Employee Profiles in the Wake of COVID-19

Lockdown, social distancing, anxiety, uncertainty, and financial stress. These are just some of the factors that, according to the World Economic Forum, will drive a secondary epidemic to COVID-19. The impact of this epidemic on workers and businesses is clear and anticipated – burnout and stress-related absenteeism of workers in the latter half of 2020.

Whether returning to the workplace or working from home as economies re-open, the pandemic has changed the way people work, but it also has changed stressors that can increase the odds of injury, illness, and even death.

This webinar reveals how to identify the three post-pandemic peak worker profiles – indifferent, balanced, anxious. You will learn how to recognize and respond to visible and silent behaviors that signal an employee needs support or might put the employee, or those that work with them, in harm’s way.

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