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Managing EHS Regulatory Compliance on a Global Scale: From Theory to Practice

Multinational corporations are faced with a multitude of regulatory requirements to contend with on a global scale. Imagine that you are a VP or Director of EHS at a company with facilities in the US, UK, and China. How do you keep track of the ever-changing regulations that your company must comply with? What role does software play in managing your compliance obligations? In this webinar, regulatory consultants from Enhesa provide insight into compliance obligations in the US, UK, and China and the VP, Global Practice Leader- Health & Safety from Intelex (previously with Coveris Group and Bristol-Myers Squibb) gives the perspective of the EHS practitioner who is searching for the best way to achieve compliance obligations. Presented in a Q/A format, this webinar is a conversation between experts in the field.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn the answers to some of these important questions:

  • What does incident reporting look like in the US, UK, and China?
  • If you need a discharge permit in the US, how does that differ from permit requirements in the UK and China?
  • How should the EHS practitioner approach the challenge of compliance for a global company?
  • How do content and software work together?
  • Is there a “magic” answer to the challenge of compliance?

Primary: The EHS VP/Director/Manager for a global company. Secondary: Mid-level EHS Managers for international companies.

Meet the Presenters
Jessica Sarnowski (Moderator). Jessica is Intelex’s Global Compliance Content Lead, where she is responsible for identifying and cultivating valuable compliance content for EHSQ professionals. Jessica received her JD from Vermont Law School and Master of Laws degree in Environmental Law from The George Washington University Law School.

Serena Anand. Serena is an EHS Regulatory Consultant with Enhesa, based in the Washington, DC office. She holds law degrees from both the United Kingdom and the United States. At Enhesa, Serena covers the UK, certain parts of Switzerland, the Bahamas, Guernsey and Jersey.

Scott Gaddis. Scott is the Vice President, Global Practice Leader- Health & Safety for Intelex. Scott has over 25 years in EHS leadership experience in heavy manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and packaging industries. Before joining Intelex, Scott served as Vice President of EHS for Coveris High Performance Packaging, was Executive Director of EHS at Bristol-Myers Squibb, and was Global Leader for Occupational Safety and Health at Kimberly-Clark Corp.

Hannah Solomon. Hannah is an EHS Regulatory Consultant with Enhesa, based in the Washington, DC office. Hannah holds a JD in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School and covers EHS law and policy in numerous US jurisdictions.

Shannon Summers. Shannon works as Enhesa’s Global Partner Manager out of Toronto, Canada. She has spent most of her career in the EHS space and is now responsible for growing Enhesa’s partner program.

Elaine Ye. Elaine is a Senior EHS Regulatory Consultant with Enhesa, based in the Washington, DC office. Originally from China, Elaine is an attorney licensed in the U.S. and her focus is on EHS law and policy in China.

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