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Intelex and IOSH Webinar: Ready for Resurgence: How to ensure your business is ready for a potential spike in COVID-19 risk

In March, COVID-19 laid waste to our best made plans and forced us all to adapt. For businesses, this meant scrambling to establish safety protocols to keep employees safe, figuring out how to enable increased work-from-home abilities, or rolling out some form of COVID exposure tracker that would support visibility of the virus inside the organisation.

Most have now settled into the ‘new normal’, but many of the controls put in place have yet to be stress tested against a COVID-19 environment like that of March or April.

So, if the situation devolves into the winter, is your company ready for resurgence?

The session covers:
– How to obtain the latest regulatory mandates and best-practice guidance
– Building systems that can handle exposure and case management at scale
– Ensuring risks at the physical workplace are minimised to the maximum extent
– How to monitor and manage dynamic risk levels

In this webinar with Intelex and IOSH, Trevor Bronson, Corporate Strategy Associate at Intelex and Ruth Wilkinson Head of Health and Safety at IOSH, discuss how to prepare for a possible COVID-19 resurgence and how to ensure all your controls are up to the challenge.

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