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Going from Good to Great – Transforming Safety Performance with Technology

Safety professionals have access to more safety technologies now than ever before, but injury and illness statistics remain stagnant in many cases. Part of the problem might be that a majority of organizations are still working from paper and spreadsheets within siloed data systems. One silo doesn’t know what another is doing, and that is not a recipe for success. In fact, it creates an almost insurmountable barrier to achieving great performance.

Technology solutions and some key applications can help organizations create a single source of truth for their health and safety data. That comprehensive data can provide insights into areas in the organization where incidents are occurring and why, creating a roadmap to managing risk. By upleveling their safety efforts with technology, they can take that step from good to great.

This session will cover technology solutions and key applications that will transform safety programs for the better. Topics include:
1. New technologies for safety
2. Core safety applications that build a better safety management systems
3. Using technology solutions to improve training and communication
4. How big data and prescriptive analytics can improve performance
5. Using mobile to help you improve your safety program


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