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Drive your EHS and ESG programmes to the next level with Intelex

With the world around us growing in complexity, so do the risks faced by businesses. Employees, shareholders, customers, regulators, and investors are keenly watching and tracking how companies deliver performance – responsibly and sustainably. Going beyond profit – people, processes, and the planet increasingly matter in today’s times. No longer can companies ignore their impact on the world, and those that develop ESG mandates are setting the foundation for continued success and longevity.

Watch this on-demand webinar for an introduction to Intelex. Find out how, as a global leader in the development of ESG, Environmental, Health & Safety, and Quality Management software, we can help organisations meet the challenges of an increasingly complex marketplace. In this webinar you will learn that through technology we can:

  • Give you access to a unified system of management tools across EHS and ESG
  • Help you use data to your advantage, connecting people and processes
  • Keep your employees engaged on the go with access any time, anywhere
  • Provide meaningful insights into your EHS and ESG programmes through advanced BI and analytics
  • Ensure you stay connected across the globe with a solution that is flexible and scalable

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