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Solution Showcase: Enhancing Safety Program Resilience With Intelex Global Risk Management

Duration: 60 Minutes

In today’s dynamic business landscape, safety risks permeate every aspect of operations, demanding a comprehensive approach to management. Tracking and managing safety risks can be a daunting task when risk registers are managed in a disjointed and unconnected manner. This can lead to “hidden” risks that may go unnoticed.​

The Intelex Global Risk Management solution not only facilitates the identification of risks through centralized registers but also enables organizations to seamlessly integrate risk management across various facets of their business, including Incidents, Hazard IDs, and Inspections.​

Join Intelex and Aion North for an engaging one-hour webinar as we explore the transformative power of Intelex Global Risk Management. Beyond mere risk identification, discover how our solution empowers you to connect risks to different parts of your organization, ensuring holistic risk management. From Incidents to Hazard IDs, and Inspections, learn how Intelex enables you to manage controls effectively while monitoring their efficacy over time.​

Join us to unlock the full potential of your risk management practices and build resilience into your safety programs.​

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Aaron Davis, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Intelex
Amy McNaughton, Director of Partnerships & Customer Engagement, Aion North

On May 23, 2024

At 02:00 pm Eastern

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