Insight Report

Wearables: What you need to know

A handy overview for health and safety professionals.

Imagine being able to get instant readouts of a remote worker’s blood pressure and get help to them immediately when the data indicates they’re in trouble. Or having the ability to reduce on-the-job muscle injuries with machines that can be worn and used to help lift the heavy loads that cause such physical ailments.

Thanks to a new class of technologies known as “wearables,” such futuristic clothing and equipment is today more reality than fantasy. Organizations are investigating how such gear can help them improve workplace health and safety, and many are already benefitting from them.

A new Insight Report from Intelex provides an in-depth overview of wearables and what they can offer. The paper titled What You Need to Know About Wearables, covers:

  • The history and development of wearables
  • The common forms that they take today
  • Some of the industries making significant investments in wearables and how they’re using them
  • Factors companies should consider before making an investment
  • What the future holds for wearable technology in the workplace.

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