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Supporting Your Workplace Wellness: Driving Worker Productivity and Business Value

A new frontier of employee health and safety awareness is rising. It’s the idea of wellness and a practice that’s good for people, plus there’s clear business value in the efforts made by workers to maintain and improve their good health and in the support employers provide to employees in helping them achieve that end. An important question to ask is whether your current health and safety management systems support employee wellness efforts and to also perhaps consider how you might incorporate wellness into your software-based programs.

A report from Intelex Technologies, authored by BLR Media, discusses the key issues around worker benefits and business value in supporting wellness efforts and programs, including:

  • Chronic Health Conditions are Affecting Productivity
  • Addressing Worker Health and Improving Productivity
  • Wellness, Health and Safety: A Positive Feedback Loop
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Wellness Program

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