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Safety Engagement – From Lagging to Leading to Transformational Change

Increasing a workforce’s level of engagement with safety practices is a key goal of many organizations. When workers perform their tasks with the proper mindset, one which takes into account proper procedures and measures, the work environment becomes inherently safer. This is often easier said than done, but thanks to new technologies that tap into rich data streams, companies are discovering effective ways of increasing engagement levels that have never been available before.

A new Insight Report from Intelex, “Safety Engagement – From Lagging to Leading to Transformational Change,” takes an in-depth look at this exciting new approach and discusses:

  • The role new approaches to safety, such as Human and Organizational Performance (HOP), play in increasing engagement
  • How outfits can leverage data for greater engagement in the new era of “Industry 4.0,” the latest stage in the Industrial Revolution, where computers are connected and communicate with one another to play a more prominent and ultimately independent role in decision-making
  • How new developments like the Safety Engagement Score can help companies better understand their data that can lead to increased engagement.

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