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Risk-Based Thinking: Creating Opportunities From Strategic Insights

4 Strategies to Enable Organizational Growth And Learning In Quality

Risk-based thinking is a fundamental part of the quality toolbox. But it’s about more than just meeting specifications and creating processes. It’s also about exploring the potential for negative outcomes, anticipating threats, and acting on opportunities.

Organizations that make risk-based thinking part of their mindset can find plenty of guidance in the documentation for quality management systems (QMS) like ISO 9001:2015 or the Baldrige Performance Excellence Process. But before you dive into the complexity of that material, you might need some answers to more fundamental questions. How can you establish a mindset for risk-based thinking? How can you prime your organization to learn to identify and manage risk? How can you use your existing QMS to get started?

In this new Intelex Insight Report, Nicole Radziwill, Quality Practice Lead at Intelex, will show you what you need to know to start developing risk-based thinking to produce benefits like:

  • Reducing frequency of losses
  • Improving response time to unexpected events
  • Enhancing organizational learning, and
  • Capturing new opportunities for growth and improvement.

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