Don’t Be Shocked – A Checklist for Electrical Safety

While the objective of protecting the safety of their employees continues to be a strong focus for employers, there still needs to be more checks in place to reduce injuries – this is especially true when it comes to working with electrical equipment. A tool as simple as a checklist can raise awareness and engagement among employees, pointing out electrical hazards and ensuring they are neutralized. Don’t Be Shocked – A Checklist for Electrical Safety can be an important part of your electrical safety program.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Key Standards and Controls

It’s widely known that employees who work directly with electricity are exposed to serious hazards on a regular basis. Compliance with OSHA standards related to electrical hazards in general industry and construction is required in U.S. workplaces. Equally as important are extensive training sessions and regularly scheduled inspections.

The Value of an Electrical Safety Checklist

By downloading Don’t Be Shocked: A Checklist for Electrical Safety, you will learn:

  1. Key workplace safety insights provided by The Electrical Safety Foundation International.
  2. Why safety inspection checklists are vital to any workplace safety program.
  3. Specific checklist action items for electrical professionals to do by category: electrical, lockout/tagout and emergency response.

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