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The Deepwater Horizon: Learnings from a Large-Scale Disaster

The Deepwater Horizon disaster is one that has been analyzed and examined by safety professionals since it took place in 2010, and the powerful images of the massive rig engulfed in flames before sinking beneath the waves are etched indelibly into the popular memory.

The disaster is a searing indictment of the organizational failures that led to it. While dramatic disasters such as this might give the impression of having easily identifiable root causes, the truth is that the Deepwater Horizon disaster was the result of a long-term aggregation of errors, ignorance, and risk that infected the organizational culture at every level.

The lessons from the disaster are ones that every organization can learn. You don’t have to be an international petroleum company to get valuable insight into the importance of organizational culture and the impact of neglecting safety and risk. In the new Intelex Insight Report The Deepwater Horizon: Learnings from a Large-Scale Disaster, health and safety leader Scott Gaddis examines:

  • how prioritizing cost-cutting at the expense of safety can lead to disaster
  • how increasing automation can put unreasonable burdens on human workers
  • why organizational learning is pivotal for every organization, and
  • how safety culture is a responsibility that begins with organizational leadership.

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