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Creating a Tolerance for Failure (by Avoiding Excellence)

In safety and quality management, there is an unwavering commitment to ensuring zero defects or zero accidental injuries. While that can appear to be an overly ambitious objective, it is essential to aim for these fundamental standards. By accepting any level of failure, you will have changed the definition of excellence and the likelihood of achieving it.

Gain insights from Terry Mathis, the influential EHSQ strategist and thought leader, through his latest Insight Report, Creating a Tolerance for Failure (by Avoiding Excellence). Prepare to learn the key elements that can lead to a process failure or breakdown: a) the four reasons why employees underperform and the role of leadership to address this, b) the dangers of using tools and equipment that are in poor condition, non-ergonomically designed work environments and using multiple suppliers for similar materials and c) the problems associated with following “heritage” procedures.

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