Discover how today’s Health & Safety leaders are changing business for good

Health & Safety is changing. It is now more complex and dynamic than ever. In addition to traditional concerns over safety, today’s professionals must deal with everything from individual mental wellbeing to global environmental citizenship. It is anything but simple.

Introducing Leaders2Leaders

To help you navigate the world of modern Health & Safety, we’ve created a new video series, Leaders2Leaders. Featuring experts from top companies, each episode takes a key challenge and explores how today’s leaders are taking the industry forward. Over the coming months, this programme will bring together some of the smartest, most forward-looking professionals in the industry to discuss key issues facing Health & Safety today. Each episode will explore a new theme, you can see the full episode list below:

  • Episode 1: H&S Priorities
  • Episode 2: Barriers to Visibility
  • Episode 3: Regulatory Compliance
  • Episode 4: Getting Exec Buy in
  • Episode 5: Impact of Technology
  • Episode 6: Maintaining a Safety Culture
  • Episode 7: Bridging Org Silos
  • Episode 8: Dialogue with Senior Leadership

Meet the Leaders


Paul Darby

Global Head of Health & Safety – DHL Global Forwarding

Wim Koster

Head of Global Safety, KONE

Ratna Morjaria

Global ESH Director, Evonik

Grazyna Momot

Group HSE Manager and MIS Lead, ABB

James Pomeroy

Group Health, Safety, Environment and Security Director, Lloyd's Register
Download the companion guide
Go deeper into the key issues in Health & Safety with Lessons from Leaders. We’d like to offer you the opportunity to go deeper into the issues raised with our new publication — Lessons from Leaders. This guide will give you actionable advice you can use to drive your own initiatives forward. It picks up on the key themes explored across the series and unpacks them in more detail — themes including:
  • 1 Where we are as a profession right now (and where we’re going in the weeks, months and years to come)
  • 2 Meeting the challenge of harnessing data to gain visibility of Health & Safety across the organisation
  • 3 Having more productive conversations with senior leaders (and bringing the rest of the business along too)
  • 4 Putting the lessons into practice in the real world of Health & Safety today

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