November 14, 2023

ESG Trends for 2024 and Beyond

Time: 2:00 pm EST

Change is inevitable in the world of ESG. As we head into a new year, many senior business and ESG leaders are looking for strategic inputs to help them plan and appropriately resource multi-year initiatives, both voluntary and mandatory.

What ESG trends do our customers, partners, staff, and other industry thought leaders anticipate in 2024 and beyond? In this webinar, we’ll discuss what’s over the horizon regarding regulatory developments, investor demands, executive management strategies, technological evolution, and the dynamic nature of stakeholder priorities.

In this webinar you will learn:

• ESG performance, management, and disclosure trends shaping business operations

• ESG reporting imperatives shaping approaches to data collection and transformation

•  Technological advances shaping ESG information management

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Trevor Bronson
Director of Portfolio Strategy, Intelex

Trevor Bronson is a Director of Portfolio Strategy at EHS software vendor Intelex where he helps define and execute the firm’s near and long-term strategic goals. Before Intelex, Trevor spent time as an EHS and Sustainability practitioner at utility company PPL, automotive manufacturer Tesla Motors, and paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore. He also worked as a Senior Analyst at independent EHS research firm Verdantix where he helped corporate entities maximize the value of EHS technology while simultaneously strategizing with EHS technology vendors to ensure they delivered impactful solutions to the market.

Charlie Knapp

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Intelex

Charlie is senior product marketing manager for Intelex Technologies in Denver. He leads the communication of ESG and environmental software capabilities and benefits. A popular conference speaker, he is a veteran of EHS, AI, CRM, GRC, ERP, and supply chain software companies in a range of industries such as energy, manufacturing, and life sciences, focusing on product strategy and product marketing. He helped one software firm achieve number two market share with both environmental and safety software products that help their customers to improve their EHS performance. He has also worked on air pollution modelling and environmental impact assessment. He holds a Master of Planning, Urban & Regional Environment, from the University of Southern California.