On-Demand Webinar

Taking control of your ESG strategy: how to demonstrate accountability and credibility with technology

Financial markets and regulators have woken up to ESG. Companies now face increasing pressure to demonstrate that they’re able to follow through with their sustainability commitments. That’s why C-Suite Executives are rushing to include ESG in their strategy and capital allocation. And yet, an increasing number of new requirements and a flood of different ESG solutions have made this more complex than ever.

How can corporate leaders demonstrate accountability and credibility? And who can they trust to help them do that effectively?

Join the On-Demand Webinar to learn:

  • Why materiality is central to a resilient ESG strategy
  • How to get more value out of your investment in your ESG program
  • How to navigate a constant flow of disruptions and demands
  • What’s nice-to-have and must-have in your ESG toolbox

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