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Intelex provides a complete set of software solutions for managing environment, safety and quality performance across the metals and mining industry.
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Intelex Metals and Mining software solutions address the unique needs of our clients throughout the Mining industry and around the world.

We help our mining clients manage a wide range of activites, documents, tasks and data including MSHA requirements, permits, audits, ISO certifications, wastewater discharge, safety citations, and training, all from a centralized, web-based portal.

Improve performance on auditing and compliance
Simplify mine accident, injury and illness reporting
Manage permit requirements and reduce risk
Track mine land reclamation efforts
Identify the mine safety metrics that matter
  • Michel Tetreault, Health and Safety Advisor

    "With access to the key details related to each health and safety incident and the ability to share and learn from each other's experiences in real time we've gained a powerful advantage - one that will help us be even safer."

  • Christian Atkins, Global Manager, Health, Safety & Environment

    "The Intelex Safety Management System provides the biggest cure and solution as we're able to see the whole Metso Minerals world on one single page."

  • Christian Atkins, Safety Manager

    "The Intelex EHS Management Software System provides the biggest cure and solution as we're able to see the whole Metso Minerals world on one single page."

  • Christian Atkins, Safety Manager

    "Intelex's HSE Management Software provides the biggest cure and solution as we're able to see the whole Metso Minerals world on one single page."

Software Solutions

Compliance Management 

Manage permits, related activities and other legal requirements across multiple mine sites for worry-free compliance

  • Record, assign and track items and activities, from equipment maintenance to wastewater permit requirements.
  • Ensure global oversight, managing translations and different unit measurements across the world.
  • Simplify compliance with local and global regulations & requirements: MHSA, OSHA, EPA, ISO 14001, etc.

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Record and track the results of mine site inspections and ensure preparedness for external audits.

  • Regardless of whether you're in a hard rock or open pit mine, use inspection checklists in online or offline environments to identify potential hazards.
  • Access detailed reports, documents, policies and more with the click of a mouse, ensuring safety audit readiness should MHSA, OSHA or anyone else come knocking.

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Health and Safety Management 

Easily schedule training sessions and manage training records all from one centralized system.

  • Track training on confined spaces, lockout/tagout procedures, and other critical safety and compliance topics.
  • Improve mine safety by effectively ensuring the competence of your employees and contractors.

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Record, report and investigate mine accidents, injuries and illnesses with mining safety software.

  • Track incidents and near-misses related to machinery, groundfall and other mining events.
  • Generate accident, injury and illness reports, such as MSHA Form 7000-1 and other region-specific forms worldwide.
  • Investigate and identify root causes of an event, issuing preventative actions where applicable.

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Reduce risk organization-wide and ensure safety while avoiding interruptions to business operations.

  • Conduct risk assessments and job safety analysis (JSA) for specific activities.
  • Identify mining hazards, prioritize risk mitigation activities, and implement controls to keep workers safe.

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Environmental Management 

Manage air and water quality, including wastewater, permits and associated activities.

  • Record, asses and report on information related to air emissions and wastewater discharges.
  • Classify, track and report on hazardous and non-hazardous waste and recyclable streams.

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Track and report on environmental incidents and risk, capturing key metrics to drive improvements.

  • Report on environmental incidents such as permit limit exceedances and other spill and release occurences.
  • Improve and streamline risk management from operational risk to regulatory risk.

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Manage all information and activities associated with various forms of land use and ownership.

  • Manage land throughout the phases of your project, from exploration to fully operational stages and land reclamation activities.
  • Track your environmental impact, from land disturbances to flora and fauna wildlife tracking and other events.

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Metals Manufacturing & Quality Management 

Easily track and report on quality performance from one central location for increased oversight and efficiency.

  • Report nonconformances and defects, identifying and addressing trends as they may arise.
  • Track corrective and preventative action (CAPA) tasks through to completion.

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From supplier onboarding to tracking shipments and evaluating deliverables, improve supplier management and performance.

  • Gain instant and unmathed visibility into supplier audit results, NCRs, CAPAs, contracts and more.
  • Evaluate suppliers and manage their performance to ensure the quality of your end product.

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Intelex software applications come standard with a set of powerful platform features to simplify the management of your data and processes.

  • Reports & dashboards
  • Task management
  • Email notifications
  • Mobile & offline access
  • Configurable forms
  • Exceptional data security
  • Client community
  • Support & learning portal

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