Intelex develops and implements health and safety, compliance, and risk management software solutions that support government organizations around the world.
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  • Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Arizona Department of Transportation
  • Australian Government Department for Environment & Heritage
  • British Columbia Rapid Transit Co. Ltd.
  • Camp Navajo
  • City of Scottsdale
  • Fisheries Oceans Canada
  • Government of Saskatchewan ITO
  • National Park Service NPS
  • Omnitrans
  • Red River Army Depot
  • Regional District of Nanaimo
  • Saskatchewan Environment
  • Texas Department of State Health Services
  • US Army Center for Health Promotion

Intelex software solutions help government agencies to ensure the safety of their employees, maintain compliance with standards such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 and reduce their exposure to risk.

From IT modernization efforts to general process improvement, Intelex offers a broad set of applications and services, available through standard contract vehicles, to support multiple programs and initiatives.

Eliminate duplication of work and incomplete information
Secure cloud or on-premise installations
Dedicated team with experience with all levels of government
Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software solutions

Software Solutions

Incident and Risk Management

Record, track and report incidents and near-misses from worker accidents to vehicle incidents and easily calculate KPIs such as Total Injury Rate and Lost Time Accidents.

  • An intuitive user interface helps boosts adoption from frontline employees for more comprehensive data.
  • Identify trends in data with comprehensive analytics to proactively mitigate risks.

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Increase safety and reduce risks at all your municipal offices.

  • Capture behavioral observations and facilitate the identification, scoring, ranking and mitigation of existing and potential safety risks and hazards throughout municipal offices and facilities.

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Perform accurate root-cause analysis through comprehensive reporting and real-time dashboards and scorecards.

  • Automate and assign corrective and preventative actions to employees and track completion over time

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Audits and Inspection Management

Define internal audit criteria, frequency, scope methodology and record-keeping requirements.

  • From safety and compliance to drinking water quality, use audit checklists in online or offline environments to identify potential risks.
  • Address detailed reports, documents, policies and more with the click of a mouse.

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Seamlessly manage your entire inspection program in one centralized system, simplifying compliance and reducing liability.

  • Gain complete visibility into inspection data in a secure, centralized system.
  • Ensure consistent inspection data is recorded with a standardized web-based reporting process.

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Worry-Free Compliance

Achieve ISO 14001 compliance and certification.

  • Address each component of the internationally recognized ISO 14001 standard. 
  • Implement single software applications to meet specific compliance needs or implement the entire software solution to achieve full compliance and certification.

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Achieve ISO 9001 compliance and certification.

  • The Intelex Integrated ISO 9001 solution contains all the essential tools required for ISO 9001 certification.
  • This out-of-the-box solution follows a process-based approach and integrates subject matter expertise, allowing streamlined implementation of a best-in-class Quality Management System.

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Achieve OHSAS 18001 compliance.

  • Use a flexible set of applications that address each component of the internationally recognized OHSAS 18001 standard.
  • Implement individual appications or the entire software solution to achieve full compliance and certification.

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Training Management & Document Control

Ensure all your employee training is current and complete.

  • Schedule, track and report on training, competence, licensing, certifications and qualifications for your employees.
  • Maintain an accessible, audit-ready record of all training data for every individual employed within your organizartion.

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Maintain a centralized, audit-ready repository of all documents used across your organization.

  • Create an easily accessible repository to all your employees and supports 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.
  • Word documents, policies, SOPs and any other documents critical to your organization can all be uploaded, edited and retrieved with one click.

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Intelex software applications come standard with a set of powerful platform features to simplify the management of your data and processes.

  • Reports & dashboards
  • Task management
  • Email notifications
  • Mobile & offline access
  • Configurable forms
  • Exceptional data security
  • Client community
  • Support & learning portal

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