Return to work with compliant operations

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Gain increased visibility into audit and compliance data and understand impact of regulatory changes on existing operations

Operating in the new normal presents additional challenges to maintaining compliance throughout your operations, but also opportunities to optimize for the long term. Aligning your current processes and procedures to comply with changing regulations and policy guidance is critical to mitigating risk throughout your operations and avoiding potential legal and regulatory penalties. Intelex has products that can make managing compliance can be easier.

Return to work - covid-19

Compliance Tracking

Establishing and maintaining compliance is critical as we modify operational processes to meet evolving regulatory, legal, and policy requirements. For firms with complex operational profiles, successfully navigating this landscape is a challenge that requires a robust management framework and tools. Intelex Compliance Tracking simplifies the audit and compliance tasks that organizations face when tranistioning to what's next. Learn more.

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Document Control

Effective record management is a key component of any EHSQ management program, and is especially critical to navigating and managing change. Without a structured approach to governance, your organization can be exposed to heightened risk. Intelex Document Control centralizes document management across the complete lifecycle of your compliance and process documentation to reduce risk, streamline audits, and demonstrate effective governance for the way forward. Learn more.

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Legal & Other Requirements

In returning to the new normal, compliance goes beyond the traditional regulations from OSHA, EPA, RIDDOR, and others. State and local government guidelines, public health agencies and internal legal requirements all must be managed to adapt. Intelex’s Legal and Other Requirements application streamlines management by consolidating the tracking and reporting of requirements in one unified solution. Learn more.

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Regulatory Content Integration

With returning to work, your organization is under pressure to manage greater volumes of compliance data than ever before. With a constant stream of regulatory changes and policy guidelines, it can be difficult to keep aligned and up to date. Intelex Regulatory Content Integration enables seamless integration with regulatory content providers including Verisk3E, Enhesa, and RegScan to ensuring your EHSQ programs are ready for the return. Learn more.

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Other solutions that can help you with compliance:
Applicability Analysis , Audit Management , Permit to Work

COVID-19 will be impacting our lives and workplaces for the foreseeable future - the current pandemic is not a solitary, isolated event. Businesses hoping to weather the storm and protect their operations need capabilities to quickly identify, respond and manage any new outbreaks. Learn more about how Intelex can help you Respond.


Bringing employees back to work and operations online safely is a multifaceted exercise - there is no magic bullet or formula to follow. Depending on your organizational make-up and priorities, there will be different challenges to conquer for a successful return to work. Learn more about how Intelex can help you Return.


The COVID-19 pandemic has forever shifted how we live and conduct business - a new normal has taken hold. Organizations that will thrive post-pandemic are the ones that will adapt and build resiliency into their culture, reimagining what their 'normal' operations could be. Learn more about how Intelex can help you Reimagine.

Return to work webinars

Interested in learning more about our three core 'Return To Work' areas? No problem! We have sessions that will acquaint you with the related challenges and possible solutions for each Return To Work area as part of the ‘Ready2Return’ Conference, including:

  • Responding to COVID-19 Cases Within Your Organization
  • Returning Safely and Confidently to a New Normal
  • Reimagining Your Operations for the Road Ahead


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As you continue to manage this crisis and adjust to your new normal, we can help. The Intelex COVID-19 Resource Center is designed to help you manage the challenges you are facing today and getting ready for tomorrow. It provides a variety of resources, including templates, articles, blogs, webinars and videos on crisis management, risk mitigation, and more.

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COVID-19 Resource Center
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