Track and manage confirmed and potential exposures to COVID-19 to mitigate the risk to your workforce and your community

The rapid outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe forced organizations and their employees to react to a new reality few were prepared to handle. Now, as those same organizations prepare to return to the workplace and attempt to resume normal business operations, it is critical that they employ tools that can help them continue to respond effectively and efficiently to the threat COVID-19 presents. Intelex has products that can expand your response capabilities.

Intelex Return To Work - Respond

Exposure Tracker

To effectively respond to COVID-19 it is imperative to be able to monitor and manage exposures within your ogranization. Intelex's Exposure Tracker application - an app built specifically to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic - enables users to track employees that are suspected or confirmed to have been exposed, observe and adjust their current work status, conduct contact tracing, and holistically view your COVID-19 status across the entire organization.

Case Management

Case Management is a critical element of occupational health programs. Keeping your employees safe and productive involves accounting for occupational and non-occupational injuries, tracking work restrictions, recording medical visits, monitoring time away from work, and complying with applicable regulation. With extremely fluid regulatory and reporting requirements surrounding COVID-19, having a robust tool to manage the lifecycle of a case is more important than ever.

Occupational Health Management

Use Intelex Occupational Health to securely centralize employee medical information and to create and manage health-related programs such as testing regimens. Responding to the pandemic means fortifying your occupational health programs for the forseeable future and this intuitive, powerful application is here to help.

Application Builder

Responding to the evolving challenge of COVID-19 mandates the need for solutions that can evolve too. Intelex Application Builder accelerates deployment of custom EHSQ applications with no coding experience required. Leverage Intelex Application Builder to extend off-the-shelf Intelex applications, develop custom applications to suit unique business requirements, or integrate with external systems without complex and costly application development.

Return-To-Work: Respond


COVID-19 will be impacting our lives and workplaces for the foreseeable future - the current pandemic is not a solitary, isolated event. Businesses hoping to weather the storm and protect their operations need capabilities to quickly identify, respond and manage any new outbreaks.

Return-To-Work: Return


Bringing employees back to work and operations online safely is a multifaceted exercise - there is no magic bullet or formula to follow. Depending on your organizational make-up and priorities, there will be different challenges to conquer for a successful return to work.

Return-To-Work: Reimagine


The COVID-19 pandemic has forever shifted how we live and conduct business - a new normal has taken hold. Organizations that will thrive post-pandemic are the ones that will adapt and build resiliency into their culture, reimagining what their 'normal' operations could be.

Intelex Ready To Return Virtual Conference

Interested in learning more about our three core 'Return To Work' areas? No problem! We have sessions that will acquaint you with the related challenges and possible solutions for each Return To Work area as part of the ‘Ready2Return’ Conference, including:

  • Responding to COVID-19 Cases Within Your Organization
  • Returning Safely and Confidently to a New Normal
  • Reimagining Your Operations for the Road Ahead

As you continue to manage this crisis and adjust to your new normal, we can help. The Intelex COVID-19 Resource Center is designed to help you manage the challenges you are facing today and getting ready for tomorrow. It provides a variety of resources, including templates, articles, blogs, webinars and videos on crisis management, risk mitigation, and more.

Intelex Return To Work

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