As a proud member of the NSC SAFER Task Force, Intelex has created and curated a collection of valuable resources you need to Respond to COVID-19, Return to the workplace, and Reimagine your work environment as a whole. We also encourage you to have a look at our newly built COVID-19-specific application, Exposure Tracker, that has been designed to help you mitigate COVID risk to your workforce and ensure stable operations.


Lessons Learned the Hard Way: OSHA’s Most Common COVID-19 Citations

Although there is no federal standard related to COVID in the United States, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been conducting COVID-19-related inspections and has frequently cited for violating certain standards, primarily the Respiratory Protection Standard and the Personal Protection Equipment standard.


6 Feet Apart Infographic

To reduce the impact of COVID-19 outbreak conditions on businesses, workers, customers, and the public, it is important for all employers to address the specific exposure risks, sources of exposure, routes of transmission, and other unique characteristics of COVID-19

Insight Report

Reimagine the New Workplace: A Roadmap to Using Intelex to Support Safe Return to Work

Find out what Intelex solutions can help you maintain business continuity as part of the SAFER Framework, which provides employers with best practices for Return-to-Work and keeping the workplace COVID-19 free.


Employer Preparedness Plan Requirements Checklist

Employers should develop and implement a plan that addresses the following components and post it publicly. All workers – management and workers – must be trained in these protocols. This checklist will help you fill out the COVID-19 Business Preparedness Plan.


Bite-Sized Communications Serve Up Big Results

Today, many of us are facing the dilemma of staying connected with the workforce. You probably have employees on the frontline producing goods, while some are working from home, some are working in a service capacity, and maybe others are performing their jobs in an isolated role as a lone worker. It is safe to say, at least for now, most of us have a scattered and dispersed workforce. The Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has provided EHS professionals across the globe with a timeless reminder: connection and engagement through communication are critical.


COVID-19 Communications/Bulletin Templates

Want some help communicating about COVID-19 to your employees? Check out our communication starters. Intelex customers: These bulletin templates are already in your system to use immediately.


Return-To-Work: A Template for a COVID-19 Business Preparedness Plan

Your COVID-19 Preparedness Plan should establish and explain the necessary policies, practices and conditions necessary to any regulatory requirements in the countries, states or provinces in which you do business.


Enhance Your COVID-19 Response Tactics via Our Top 10 Practices

With COVID-19 continuing to have a profound impact on businesses today, organizations are turning to robust tools, enhanced processes and subject matter expertise to help them address current challenges. In fact, experts claim that implementing a multi-faced approach is the only way to ensure that health risks are mitigated, the spread is slowed down and, equally as importantly, that business continuity is ensured.


Fisher Phillips LLP Return to Work Templates and Forms

Employers will be faced with a new set of labor and employment challenges moving beyond COVID-19. Fisher Phillips, LLP is one of the largest U.S. law firms representing management exclusively in the areas of labor, employment, civil rights, employee benefits, and immigration law. The firm has 33 offices with more than 400 attorneys. The firm has developed a repository of key templates and forms that will help your operations with practical guidance. These templates and forms are provided with permission.

• Authorization to Disclose COVID-19 Diagnosis (Not California Compliant)
• Authorization to Disclose COVID-19 Diagnosis (California Compliant)
• COVID-19 Manager Talking Points
• COVID-19 Sample Employee Questionnaire
• COVID-19 Sign For Front Door of Company Facility
• Fisher Phillips Back to Business Checklist
• Model Announcement to Employees about Positive Test
• Social Distancing Temperature Screening Questionnaire
• What you Should Know about the Coronavirus and Your Employment


6 Ways EHSQ Professionals Are Innovating in the Face of COVID-19

Discover real-world examples of how EHSQ practitioners have used Intelex technology to innovate and manage the COVID-19 crisis.


SAFER – Safe Actions for Employee Returns

This framework from the National Safety Council’s SAFER Task Force - a consortium of Fortune 500 companies, leading safety organizations, and public health professionals and experts including Intelex Technologies - represents a map of the key areas around which corporate and public policy leaders are taking action, as well as the operations types in play, and will be the basis from which SAFER will build its recommendations for a safe return to and continuation of work.

As you continue to manage this crisis and adjust to your new normal, we can help. The Intelex COVID-19 Resource Center is designed to help you manage the challenges you are facing today and getting ready for tomorrow. It provides a variety of resources, including templates, articles, blogs, webinars and videos on crisis management, risk mitigation, and more.

Return-to-Work Resources

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