Provide employees with real-time communications, essential tools and timely resources to enable a confident return to the workplace.

Returning your operations to pre-pandemic levels presents a hosts of challenges to deal with. Since employees are the backbone of your business, their safe arrival and adaptation to new policies and procedures is a major factor in your return to work success. At Intelex, we have products that can make this transition easier and faster to complete.

Intelex Return To Work - Employee Awareness


Amplify communications and engagement. Bulletins allow you to develop impactful communications necessary to ensure employees have a heightened awareness of risks and expectations, and are reminded of necessary changes to work and operational behaviors. Push mission critical information out and request immediate feedback with built-in polling and feedback tools. Deliver tailored content organization-wide or to specific audiences, and track interaction with key engagement metrics for measurable results.


Extend your operational reach. Intelex Mobile capabilities make it easier to reach workers, no matter if they are on site or remote, enhancing the timeliness, completeness and accuracy of data collection, which in turn aids in early detection of unwanted outcomes and new reporting requirements. Equip your workforce with a powerful mobile toolset to more effectively capture near-misses, hazards, safety observations, and other highly predictive indicators, for a more proactive management posture before, during, and after your return to work.

Document Control

Adapt your policies with ease and certainty. Document Control supports the management and governance of associated procedural documentation for compliance, allowing you to keep pace with evolving recommendations and regulations stemming from the pandemic. Gain intelligent search capabilities, enabling quick retrieval of documents for operational or audit purposes. Get granular document level security and access controls to protect the integrity and privacy of your records while secure file sharing allows increased visibility to internal and external stakeholders.

Training Management

Streamline knowledge transfer throughout the organization for immediate impact. Training Management lets you provide critical training necessary to ensure employees are informed of new protocols and procedures upon their return to the workplace. Quickly view at-a-glance training completion status and manage training courses through a centralized course inventory for maximum efficiency. Simplify the approval of course and session requests with a training request and approval workflow, and with comprehensive training history and audit trail, easily prove compliance.

Other solutions that can help you with employee awareness:

Case Management , Communication Management , Observations



COVID-19 will be impacting our lives and workplaces for the foreseeable future - the current pandemic is not a solitary, isolated event. Businesses hoping to weather the storm and protect their operations need capabilities to quickly identify, respond and manage any new outbreaks.



Bringing employees back to work and operations online safely is a multifaceted exercise - there is no magic bullet or formula to follow. Depending on your organizational make-up and priorities, there will be different challenges to conquer for a successful return to work.



The COVID-19 pandemic has forever shifted how we live and conduct business - a new normal has taken hold. Organizations that will thrive post-pandemic are the ones that will adapt and build resiliency into their culture, reimagining what their 'normal' operations could be.

Intelex Ready To Return Virtual Conference

Interested in learning more about our three core 'Return To Work' areas? No problem! We have sessions that will acquaint you with the related challenges and possible solutions for each Return To Work area as part of the ‘Ready2Return’ Conference, including:

  • Responding to COVID-19 Cases Within Your Organization
  • Returning Safely and Confidently to a New Normal
  • Reimagining Your Operations for the Road Ahead

As you continue to manage this crisis and adjust to your new normal, we can help. The Intelex COVID-19 Resource Center is designed to help you manage the challenges you are facing today and getting ready for tomorrow. It provides a variety of resources, including templates, articles, blogs, webinars and videos on crisis management, risk mitigation, and more.

Intelex Return To Work