Incident Management Software Fosters a Safer Working Environment

Rated as best-in-class by industry analyst firm Verdantix, Intelex's Incident Management Software
is the strongest tool in the world for managing and preventing EHS incidents.

Incident Management Software
Root Cause Analysis

Discover the underlying causes of EHS incidents using embedded root cause analysis (RCA) methodologies such as basic checklists, 5-Whys or Fishbone (Ishikawa) analysis.

Key Incident Management Software Features

Record, track, analyze, and report EHS incident data in an intuitive online
system that ensures incidents are quickly responded to, investigated,
closed and ultimately prevented from happening again.

Incident Management Software - Track all types of incidents

Track all types of incidents

Use out-of-the-box responsive forms for employee, property, security, environmental and vehicle incidents or use the integrated Form Designer to create new forms for incident types unique to your operating environment.

Trusted by over 1,400 clients and 3.5 million users worldwide

Gary Pitts, the Global Health, Safety and Security Lead at All Hands and Hearts
traces how his organization progressed from first reporting incidents verbally, then to a
paper-based system and finally Intelex’s incident management software.

Get to know our clients and the difference
Intelex has made in their organizations.

Intelex Technologies ULC
  • If you are presenting a proposal to executives, it’s much easier if you have data to back it up. Looking at the number of incidents through the Intelex dashboards helps us make our case (to management) for new equipment, or a change in procedure, or to stop an activity that is too risky.

    Louise Grondin
    SVP Environment, Sustainable Development, & People
    Agnico Eagle
  • An advantage of using software to address incident management is being able to have an exchange of information with our workers. We look at software as a conversation and how we can utilize it to give our workers information they’ll find useful at that time.

    Gary Pitts
    Global Health Safety and Security Lead
    All Hands and Hearts
  • The incident management tool allows us to track incidents across our whole organization, do follow-ups, investigations and provide a way for managers to get visibility into these incidents.

    Ryan Orvis
    Intelex Administrator
Campbell's Soup
Agnico Eagle
Virgin Atlantic
Air Liquide