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Ensuring your organization complies with regulatory and legal reporting requirements is more important now than ever. Lack of accountability and transparency can result in strict penalties and fines which can significantly harm your brand image and be extremely costly.

More than ever, organizations now must implement systems to manage these requirements and ensure compliance tasks are being completed.

Compliance Made Easy

Intelex provides the tools necessary for any organization to easily meet its compliance needs. Our software helps over 1 million clients across the globe manage and maintain compliance with their unique regulatory and legal requirements. Key compliance functionalities include:

Compliance Task Management

Every Intelex software application allows you to schedule compliance activities and assign follow-up corrective and preventive action (CAPA) tasks to employees. Automated, escalating email notifications and reminders drive accountability and compliance task completion.

Regulatory Content Partners

Get access to regulatory content partners like SiteHawk, Enhesa, CyberRegs and BNA to keep track of changing regulations across industries and countries and identify which regulations are applicable to each of your sites or facilities.

Compliance Dashboards and Reporting

All compliance data entered into your Intelex software applications is easily viewed on real-time dashboards displaying compliance performance metrics at a glance. Compliance reports are generated and shared with the click of a button.

ISO and OHSAS Compliance

Mapped directly to the requirements of these internationally recognized standards, Intelex provides complete management software systems that facilitate seamless compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Compliance Management Software Applications

ll Intelex software applications work as stand-alone solutions or seamlessly integrate with each other to address your specific compliance needs. Key solutions include:

Document Control

Store, access, edit and share your organization’s documents from a central web-based repository. Automate document processes such as revision tracking, access control and search and retrieval.

Training Management

Schedule, track and report training, licensing, and qualifications for individual employees, contractors or workgroups.

Audits Management

Manage all your compliance audit activities, data and processes within one mobile friendly application. Create and complete checklists, view compliance dashboards and assign and track CAPAs.

Compliance Risk Management

Identify, analyze, monitor and treat existing and potential compliance related risks across your organization.

Permits Management

Store and track all of your important data and dates related to permits in one centralized location, automated notifications ensure all permit activities are completed on time.

Incident and Injury Reporting

Record, track, report and respond to incidents and injuries across your business. Facilitates the submission of OSHA (USA), RIDDOR (UK) and (WCB) Canada injury reporting forms and requirements.

Nonconformance and Defects Management

Manage all your NCRs and defects from one application that records, tracks and assigns corrective and preventive actions, mitigating risk and driving continual improvement.

Customer Complaints

Effectively track and manage customer complaints and all corresponding follow-up actions.

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The Intelex Platform

The most powerful EHSQ platform on the market.  The Intelex Platform provides a robust and secure backbone to the entire Intelex system, and provides the core management system functionality upon which all Intelex solutions are built.

The Intelex Platform comes complete with the following components standard with every implementation:

  • Document Control

    Store all of your documents in a secure centralized repository, control user access, track versions and revisions and ensure only accurate, up-to-date documents are used. 

  • Mobile & Offline Capability

    Access your Intelex system from any smartphone or tablet. No shrunken screen, get a unique, purpose-built mobile experience for each Intelex solution and put the full power of the Intelex system in the hands of every user. Offline capabilities allow remote or unconnected users to capture data and sync when they regain connectivity.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    Drive continuous improvement using a variety of methodologies, including the standard checklist, fishbone (Ishikawa) diagram, 5 WHY, gap analysis and more.

  • Audit Trail

    Maintain a complete history of records created, modified, maintained, archived, retrieved or transmitted. Log the local date, time and user in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.  

  • Meetings Management

    Schedule meetings, send automated notifications to attendees, record and track attendance, and assign and track the completion of follow up tasks. Maintain a record of all meetings and associated documents. 

  • API Access

    Seamlessly communicate with other third party systems and applications to push and pull data from one database to the other. Reduce redundancies and allow more in depth data analysis.

  • Data Import Tool

    Map data from Excel spreadsheets directly to the fields within the Intelex system and import. Import historical data or update data for existing records in the system.

  • EHSQ Community

    Connect with EHSQ Professionals from around the world to network, collaborate, and share knowledge and expertise. Access thought leadership insights, best practices, resources, and regulatory changes.

  • Communications Management

    Record and track all relevant internal and external communications. Share information, follow up on activities and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of communication processes.

  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

    Gain 360 degree visibility and get the most out of your EHSQ data with our comprehensive BI platform. Reports, dashboards, data slicers and benchmarking provide a powerful, easy-to-use, self-service tool that will enable your organization to make smarter decisions, create a culture of continual improvement and drive operational excellence. 

  • Translation Workbench

    Tailor your Intelex system to support multiple geographic locations and configure the primary language of each location or division across your organization. 

  • Electronic Signatures

    Apply a secondary password prompt for critical or high-importance actions. Enable only permitted users to complete these actions and ensure accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

  • Navigator

    Seamlessly guide users through the Intelex system with configurable on-screen tips and walkthroughs to drive user adoption, improve data quality and deliver value on your investment.

  • Image Mapping

    Enhance your data with visuals. Upload images and associate coordinates to records of any object type. Example: Upload a body map image and allow users to identify the area where an injury occurred.  

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

    Ensure a seamless experience with single sign-on capabilities. Users require a single set of credentials in order to access all areas of their Intelex system. 

  • Support & Learning Portal

    Get real-time online and phone tech support for any system issues. Access a comprehensive library of self-serve product documentation, support materials and learning tools within the system.

  • David MCNeil, Regulatory Compliance Manager

    "Intelex’s compliance and document management modules have allowed the City of Tempe to achieve a higher level of compliance-confidence than previously thought possible. Tempe’s vision of consolidating all task-tracking and record-keeping activities necessary to maintain compliance into one desktop application has become a reality."

  • Brad Warren, VP Aircraft Maintenance

    "We chose Intelex because we needed a solution that helped ensure effortless compliance with all regulatory and safety requirements, but was configurable and flexible enough to adapt to our business processes, rather than having to change the way we operate. Intelex managed to address all of our key requirements."

  • Shane Stewart, Associate Director

    "Our users enjoy the simple, user friendly aspects of the system and there is no doubt it has contributed to our improved performance."