Build the foundation for COVID-19 surveillance and mitigation while putting in place necessary safeguards to protect your people and operations from future risks and hazards.

"The importance of Health and Safety in the workplace was brought to the forefront with the COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond tracking and tracing of exposures to mitigate risk of spread, organizations are relying on the Health and Safety function to protect employee health and wellness, and protect operations from future outbreaks. While this mandate is daunting on its own, it is even further complicated by the need for timeliness and compliance reporting. Applying the same tools, same thinking may not work - the New Normal has taken hold. Instead of mimicking the past, look to see how even larger changes could bring about even bigger, better results. Key questions to ask:

- What needs to be done to ensure risks to employee safety are assessed and mitigated prior to reopening of facilities?

- How can we keep an audit ready posture in a constantly changing regulatory landscape?

- Can streamlining EHSQ program management through technology adoption accelerate return to work protocols and longer term advancements? Intelex offers solutions that can help you easily address these concerns AND pivot towards a brighter, safer future."

Centralize Tracking and Tracing of Exposures with Exposure Tracker

Standardize and centralize all exposure tracking and tracing activities across your organization with a solution that streamlines data collection, coordinates action, and facilitates efficient reporting all while protecting data collected in the secure Intelex cloud. Intelex's Exposure Tracker simplifies this now necessary and time-consuming task.

Assess and mitigate physical risks with Audit Management

Gain a 360-degree view of physical risks and implement controls across sites and facilities to ensure employee safety, mitigate exposure risks, and continue safe operation. Audit Management from Intelex can handle any internal or external audits, all from a centralized, web-based platform to ensure any types of risks are addressed.

Protect Employees and Operations with Job Safety Analysis

Ensure employees are protected against the risk of exposure and safeguard the integrity and continuity of business operations with the ability to detect, isolate, and manage return to work. Intelex Job Safety Analysis lets you clearly understand and quantify risks for each step of a job to identify potentials issues, insert any number of acceptable controls, and ensure acceptable residual risk exposure levels to maximize your ability to maintain safe and steady operations.

Mitigate Risk of Transmission with Case Management

Support an organizational surveillance and tracking protocol with a unified system of tracking and tracing to mitigate risks of employee transmission and ensure continuity of operations. Intelex Case Management eases the employee oversight burden regarding COVID-19 cases, occupational and non-occupational injuries, tracking work restrictions, and more.

Streamline audit and compliance approach with Compliance Tracking

Manage compliance more effectively and streamline audit activities with a unified system of record for compliance and regulatory data. With Intelex Compliance Tracking, easily mitigate risk associated with maintaining environmental, health, and safety regulations compliance.

Other solutions that can help you with compliance:

Action Plans , Document Control , Process Hazard Analysis , Incident Management , Enterprise Risk Register



COVID-19 will be impacting our lives and workplaces for the foreseeable future - the current pandemic is not a solitary, isolated event. Businesses hoping to weather the storm and protect their operations need capabilities to quickly identify, respond and manage any new outbreaks.



Bringing employees back to work and operations online safely is a multifaceted exercise - there is no magic bullet or formula to follow. Depending on your organizational make-up and priorities, there will be different challenges to conquer for a successful return to work.



The COVID-19 pandemic has forever shifted how we live and conduct business - a new normal has taken hold. Organizations that will thrive post-pandemic are the ones that will adapt and build resiliency into their culture, reimagining what their 'normal' operations could be.

Intelex Ready To Return Virtual Conference

Interested in learning more about our three core 'Return To Work' areas? No problem! We have sessions that will acquaint you with the related challenges and possible solutions for each Return To Work area as part of the ‘Ready2Return’ Conference, including:

  • Responding to COVID-19 Cases Within Your Organization
  • Returning Safely and Confidently to a New Normal
  • Reimagining Your Operations for the Road Ahead

As you continue to manage this crisis and adjust to your new normal, we can help. The Intelex COVID-19 Resource Center is designed to help you manage the challenges you are facing today and getting ready for tomorrow. It provides a variety of resources, including templates, articles, blogs, webinars and videos on crisis management, risk mitigation, and more.

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