Planning for a Sustainable Future: Ideas that Will Shape EHS&S Management in the Year to Come - NAEM 2016

Planning for a Sustainable Future

Learn the EHS and Sustainability Management trends for 2016 that you need to know!

In this report just released by NAEM you will get a synthesis of the key issues that are on the minds of corporate environment, health and safety (EHS) and sustainability leaders today.

In the 2014 edition of this report the EHS&S leaders described programs focused on product compliance, supply chain management and employee engagement. They also shared insights into some of the strategic conversations that were taking place behind closed doors, as their companies prepared their next generation of goals.

As outlined in this 2016 edition of the report, in the 2 years hence, many of these programs have evolved and the emerging thinking described has transformed into action. The demand for transparency in a global context has continued to influence business practices at all levels. Learn what new goals outline the evolution of existing programs, as well as emerging areas of concern for EHS and sustainability leaders.

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