Intelex’s Safety Training Pocket Guide: Improve Employee Safety & Increase the Impact of Training

Intelex’s Safety Training Pocket Guide

Have you felt the frustration of conducting training on hazards only to continue to observe unsafe behavior? Are you struggling to figure out how to ensurethat your safety training has a measurable impact on worker safety, incident rates and overall performance?

Often we lack the time, resources and insights needed to help us optimize our training programs for better safety outcomes. In this pocket guide we take a step back to look at the bigger picture and provide strategies for how you can make the necessary connections to increase your training’s effectiveness.

Key topics covered in this pocket guide include:

  • Addressing the “Knowing-Doing Gap” in your workforce
  • Tackling the root causes of unsafe behaviors
  • Optimizing training by taking advantage of incident data
  • Incorporating work observations into your training program
  • Harnessing the power of technology to make the right connections

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