Guiding Behavioral Change: How to Supercharge Your Safety Culture

guiding behavioral change

The act of developing a strong safety culture has the single greatest impact on accident reduction of any process, according to OSHA and many other industry experts. But how do you ensure that your organization understands and upholds the principles of a strong safety culture, rather than reducing the term to a buzzword?

In this whitepaper you will find real-life examples that demonstrate how safety culture can contribute to a company's success, or undermine it. Sell your internal stakeholders on the value of investing in safety culture and discover proven strategies for building a healthy safety culture within yourcompany.

Key topics include:

  • Selling safety culture internally to management and key decision-makers
  • Gaining an understanding of the true state of your current safety culture
  • Implementing safety initiatives with the power to supercharge your safety culture
  • Measuring and demonstrating the ROI of safety culture with a safety management system

When you download this whitepaper you'll also gain access to free bonus resources (including an Employee Safety Survey and Certificate of Appreciation template) that will get you started on your journey towards safety super stardom!


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