The Essential Guide to the Food Safety Modernization Act

the essential guide to the food safety modernization act

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) will fundamentally reshape the climate of food safety in America and around the world. It will also radically change how most food and beverage companies do business. While the Act hasn't been fully rolled out, businesses have been provided a number of clues that tell us how it will take shape.

In this exclusive ebook we'll cover:

  • Why FSMA was legislated.
  • The timeline for implementation and enforcement.
  • What it means to businesses in the U.S. and suppliers around the globe.
  • What FDA powers and requirements are currently in effect and what isincoming.
  • What the Act's key provisions will look like when they are fully implemented.

Whether you're new to the Act, looking for a refresher, or simply want an outlook on what FSMA requirements are coming down the pipes, you'll find this find this ebook a useful resource for understanding FSMA and what it means to you.

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