Demystifying Environmental Management Software: Achieving Goals and Maximizing ROI

Demystifying Environmental Management Software

This white paper provides a complete overview of the key components involved in building a world-class, top performing Environmental Management System. As the economy has changed and the software industry has evolved, so has the role of the management system within the organization. Learn what the most important areas are to address when evaluating software vendors, how to craft a winning business proposal, and the proven system criteria for maximizing your organization's ROI. A must read for any organization in the early to mid stages of purchasing an Environmental Management System or those looking to increase the efficiency and expand the capabilities of a system currently in place.

Topics Covered:

  • Analysis of Current Environmental Software Trends and Landscape
  • In Depth Break Down of Factors Affecting Software Costs
  • Achieving Cost Reduction Through Air, Water, Waste and Energy Management
  • Essential Questions to Ask When Comparing Vendors
  • Key Components in Building an ISO Compliant System
  • Steps to Ensure Revenue Generation and Maximum ROI

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