Cultivating Competence: Leveraging Training Tools for Measurable Results

Cultivating Competence

Best-in-class organizations know comprehensive, effective training management programs fundamentally improve business performance. Powerful training programs also cultivate talent from within and ensure employees have not only completed required courses, but are actually competent in their roles and best-positioned to improve overall organizational performance.

This whitepaper discusses the difference between more traditional 'top-down' training and the increasingly popular 'bottom-up' approach, and how to use software to ensure you get the best results, regardless of the approach you choose.

Key sections include:

  • Training in tough times.
  • The cost of ineffective training.
  • Benefits of bottom-up training.
  • Leveraging software for effective training programs.
  • Quizzing for competence.

Whether you already have a training program in place or are just starting out, this whitepaper will provide insight on how to choose an approach that works for your organization and ensures measurable, companywide employee competence.

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