The Costs of (Non) Compliance with EHS Regulations, brought to you by Enhesa

There’s a price to be paid by organizations that don’t comply with Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) laws and regulations. The big question is: how much?

This report, written by Enhesa, gives insight into the potential costs and implications a company may incur when running the risk of operating and not knowing whether they are in compliance.

It’s not just the obvious things like fines and financial penalties imposed by regulators. That’s the easier-to-calculate cost. There are the indirect cost implications, such as loss of production or loss of share price.  And, the non-quantifiable costs, such as damage to brand reputation.

Do you understand the risks and the potential price of non-compliance? Download this free report that has been provided to you by Enhesa and find out.

Discussion in this white paper includes:

  • The definable and less-definable costs of non-compliance,
  • Other consequences of non-compliance,
  • The cost of compliance, and,
  • A comparison of costs of compliance vs. non-compliance.

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