Approaches to Managing EHS & Sustainability Data


NAEM has seen a steadily growing interest from its members and community on the topic of EHS and Sustainability software and data management. It’s no surprise that EHS&S professionals are taking interest, effectively managing EHS&S data is more critical to the profitability and reputation of an organization than ever before.

In response to this wave of interest, NAEM and Intelex are pleased to offer this free whitepaper that provides some valuable insights into the benefits and challenges that come along with different approaches to managing EHS and Sustainability data.

This whitepaper provides the following insights:

  • The perspectives of three in-house EHS&S leaders and one software implementation expert
  • What systems these companies are using to manage their data and the obstacles associated with each
  • Data management case studies highlighting the challenges leaders faced and how they solved them
  • Specific examples of how to approach data migration, adopting software for certain metrics and deciding how many systems to adopt


We hope you enjoy this whitepaper and it provides a valuable resource.

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