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What is Industrial Hygiene Anyway?

Fighting Work-Related Disease with Industrial Hygiene

Work-related diseases claim the lives of 2.4 million people around the world annually. These deaths are the result of environmental or stress-related hazards that are often hidden and difficult to anticipate or control.

In our new webinar “What is Industrial Hygiene Anyway?”, Zaheen Fatima, Health Solutions Product Manager at Intelex, explores the background and value of industrial hygiene in the workplace and how you can apply its methods to your organization to combat work-related disease. You’ll learn about:
  • the challenges of work-related disease
  • how industrial hygiene can confront those challenges
  • the core competencies you need to have, and
  • the value of an industrial hygiene approach for your organization.


Health and Safety professionals who want to learn about how to reduce long-term health problems among workers and to demonstrate the value of preventative approaches to health hazards in the workplace.


Zaheen Fatima, Product Manager
Zaheen Fatima is a Product Manager at Intelex specializing in healthcare management and information technology. She has a thorough knowledge of processes and workflows in the various departments of hospitals and clinical practices. She is also an expert in gathering, analyzing and defining business and functional requirements; creating metrics, trend charts and other decision-making tools; and designing or re-engineering processes, workflows and solutions for healthcare systems.

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