On-Demand Webinar

Walking-Working Surfaces and Pedestrian Safety

In 2017, OSHA published changes to the standards defining general requirements for falls from elevation and walking and working surfaces. While the agency increased its emphasis on fall protection to a lower level, there is still much to do to protect the work environment from slips, trips, and falls to the same level. Supporting this conclusion, OSHA reports that in the U.S., over 200,000 serious incidents per year are due to falls from heights and to the same level, with over 60% of all falls to the same level. Slips, Trips, and Falls (STFs) and how workers navigate their walking-working environment are vital parts of your safety plan. A robust STF program requires a complete understanding of the risks and what controls are warranted to provide better safety.

In the On-Demand Webinar, we will:
o Discuss the problem with working surfaces where the interaction of people, equipment
o Define Slips, trips, and falls and how they often occur
o Explore the work environment and the areas of increased loss potential
o Common risk areas and general control features.
o Developing an STF checklist
o Understand risk and control through an actual case study detailing proper risk analysis and control methods

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