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Understanding How Thought Processes Impact Safety

“Safety thinking” is a move from the traditional compliance-focused thinking. The shift moves toward taking actions to help management and workers think about safety first when it comes to carrying out their responsibilities. Join, Kamran Akhavan Attari in this webinar to learn how to make the shift to safety thinking.

By watching this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to increase organizational awareness of workplace safety,
  • The risks to business when safety is not part of thought process,
  • Five takeaways to increase safety awareness, and
  • How to create safety awareness using technology.


Safety professionals looking to understand how thought processes can impact safety and how to increase safety awareness within their organizations.


Kamran Akhavan Attari
Safety Manager, Iran Airports and Air Navigation
Kamran is an Assistant Safety Manager with over 20 years' experience involving aerodrome certification auditing, aerodrome manual development, SMS implementation, and leadership of thirty-three airport Safety Managers of Iran Airports and Air Navigation Company (IAC). Kamran is a regular speaker at SMS and Airport Emergency Planning conferences, and is an active member of IAC Safety Review Committee.



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