On-Demand Webinar

Training Management Systems: Saving Your Organization Time, Money and Resources

Spend too much time scheduling, assigning and monitoring training requirements?
Running into frustrations with your Excel based training system?
Need a more efficient way of managing your organization's training program?

Let Intelex Senior Product Specialist Daniel Marcus take you through an informative and hands on demonstration of the Intelex Training Management software module and its capabilities.

This webinar showcases how implementing a web-based training management system can help your organization save valuable time, money and resources by streamlining training management and administrative workflow through one centralized system.

Watch and Learn:

  • How a software system can automate and streamline your training program, freeing up time, resources and personnel while reducing costs
  • How web-based software can train employees faster, more efficiently and comprehensively
  • How to prevent training errors from occurring and increase the accuracy and accountability of your training data
  • How to implement a training system that will achieve and maintain compliance with ISO training requirements
  • How to ensure the data in your training management system is set up for top to bottom audit preparedness

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