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A Tolerance For Failure: How to Avoid Excellence

No organization is perfect, right?! But is that because perfect is impossible or because we settle for a lower goal?

Organizations regularly set goals for safety and quality. Almost always, these are not goals that target excellence, but goals for failing less. Inherent in these goals is a tolerance for a degree of failure. Organizational leaders have argued that reducing the tolerance by degrees will lead to zero eventually, but this is seldom the case.

In this presentation, “A Tolerance for Failure,” Terry Mathis, CEO of ProAct Safety, will discuss the five elements of excellence and the most common tolerances for failure. Excellence is defined in terms that realize imperfection but do not allow any degree of failure to compromise ongoing efforts. Organizations with excellent results in safety and/or quality tend to follow these guidelines and those with more traditional outlooks and strategies tend to fall short.

Attendees will learn:
• Five elements of excellence
• The most common tolerances for failure
• How to implement these guidelines to stand apart from traditional outlooks.

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