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Three Things to Think About When Buying an EHS Solution (Part 1)

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Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) programs are straightforward on the surface, but can quickly become very complex. 

Every organization can be slightly different, with requirements changing from industry to industry and location to location. But what are the universal best practices that every company and organization should keep in mind when developing a strategy to tackle EHS and evaluate vendors? 

Download this free 30-minute webinar facilitated by Andrew Gaudet, Intelex Account Executive, for Part 1 of a 2 part series walking you through the items to consider when embarking on development of your EHS program. 

This free on-demand webinar will cover the following topics: 

- How to determine your EHS business, functional and technical requirements 
- The concept of triple constraints and how to use project management to streamline your program 
- The 80% rule (or why many project fail to get off the ground)

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